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Mission Statement

Our mission is to better our community and the world through charitable and educational activities. We strive to enrich our members' lives through personal growth and development as well as volunteerism and fellowship.

About the Club

The Moorpark Women's Fortnightly Club (MWFC) was established in 1905, one year after the railroad came to town. The group formed as a way to provide local women with the opportunity to visit and share with each other, an important task in a tiny town where news arrived by foot, horseback or the morning train.

The Club was federated with the General Federation of Women's Clubs and the California Federation of Women's Clubs in 1915, becoming the sixth club to do so in Ventura County.

Over the years, Moorpark Women's Fortnightly Club has concentrated on providing library services and scholarships for the students of Moorpark. The original clubhouse, built in 1912, also served as the first library and the first high school in town. This set the pattern of ongoing support for the town of Moorpark and for the school libraries in the ensuing years.

Members of MWFC have always been generous with their talents and efforts in fundraising projects. The Club raises thousands of dollars each year, with the main focus on scholarships, schools, libraries, and charities benefiting the immediate community.

Moorpark Women's Fortnightly Club - Members Picture - June 2016

California Federation of Women's Club History
website www.cfwc.org

The California Federation of Women's Clubs (CFWC) has numerous accomplishments including:

  • - Organizing efforts behind the California Youth Authority and Juvenile Justice System
  • - Restoration of the historic bells of the El Camino Real throughout California
  • - Establishing the CFWC Women's History Library at University of California, Santa Cruz
  • - Designing/creating window decals for use by fire departments to help identify disabled individuals in homes and other buildings

General Federation of Women's Club History
website www.gfwc.org

For one hundred years, the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC) has worked to address the most pressing needs of the local communities and of the nation. Over the years, GFWC has:

  • - For safety purposes, initiated the white center lines on highways
  • - Established 75% of America's public libraries (MP library was established in 1913)
  • - Supported equal pay for equal work
  • - Lobbied on behalf of the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Acts
  • - Established the GFWC Women's History and Resource Center in Washington, D.C.


2018-2020 Executive Committee


Lou Langkusch

1st Vice President,
Dean of Chairmen

Robin Hagey

2nd Vice President,

to be announced soon

3rd Co-Vice President,

Heidi Best

4th Vice President,

Debi Vitale

Recording Secretary

Rosalie Barili


Helen Moore


Kerry Williams

Financial Secretary

Vicki Tymczyszyn


Dona Pugh

MWFC Executive Committee
From left to right: Kerry Williams, Treasurer; Helen Moore, Corresponding Secretary; Heidi Best, 3rd VP/Fundraising; Vicki Tymczyszyn, Financial Secretary; Rosalie Barili, Recording Secretary; Lou Langkusch, President; Debi Vitale, 4th VP/Programs; Robin Hagey, 1st VP/Dean of Chairmen; Dona Pugh, Parliamentarian.

Club Members Serving Tierra Adorada District

Fine Arts Fesitval

Sandi Chapman

Arts - Community Service Program Chairman

Diana Fowler

Convention Chairman

Lou Langkusch

Convention Committee

Carmen Jerome


P.O. Box 432
Moorpark, CA 93020

Membership Chair: to be announced soon.

General Meeting
June 14
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Melba's Blankets Keep America Warm
May 31

Book Club
June 19

GNO Simi Movie Grill
June 24

Tuesday Morning Girls
June 25

Mah Jongg
June 26

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