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Welcome Message from the President

Welcome to the website for the Moorpark Women's Fortnightly Club (MWFC). Since its inception in 1905, our club has continued to grow and expand its endeavors in serving the community, thanks to the many women who were committed to seeing our club move forward.

The theme for this term is "Moving Forward--Embrace the Adventure". Life is an adventure full of twists and turns, obstacles, and unknowns, all of which may stand in our way. By moving forward with confidence, purpose, and determination, we will succeed in achieving our goals and will have embraced the adventure in the process.

MWFC has so much to offer each of us. With so many activities, events, fundraisers, and good deeds we can do for our community, there is sure to be something that appeals to each and every member. There is much to be gained by being an involved member--the satisfaction of having done a job well, of being part of a team, of helping others, and perhaps most of all, the cultivation of forming new friendships. Please take a look at the "Outreach" page and review the various opportunities available to members of MWFC.

As a member of MWFC, you also are a member of the Tierra Adorada District (TAD, visit website), the California Federation of Women's Clubs (CFWC, visit website), and the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC, visit website). Not only will you see the results of our efforts to help our community, you will also see the effects of women working together at the state and national levels. Members of women's clubs all across the nation have accomplished many wonderful things--established libraries, provided scholarships for students, donated to multiple charities both here and abroad, and pushed for legislation to protect our citizens.

You can learn more about becoming a member of MWFC by reviewing the "Join" page. Won't you join us and let your adventure unfold?

Hazel McCord
MWFC President

TAD Fine Arts Festival
Tuesday, March 25

Keep America Warm
Friday, March 29

General Meeting
Friday, April 11

Tuesday Morning Girls
Tuesday, April 15

Book Club
Wednesday, April 16

Relay Fundraiser
Thursday, April 17

Girl's Night Out
Monday, April 21

Annual Luncheon
Sunday, April 27

Relay for Life
Sat-Sun, May 3-4

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